Shower Chairs for Elderly

Enjoy an Independent Life with Shower Chairs for Elderly

It might not seem like such an important thing when you're young, but as you age, showering with just a walker or cane can be dangerous. The danger of slipping and falling in the shower isn't worth taking the risk! A handicap shower chair makes it much easier to safely shower and bathe while ensuring your safety. There are many different kinds of handicap shower chairs on the market, so it can be very tough to find one that fits your needs perfectly. But when you come to SPN Mobility, you don't need to worry about the quality and price. Because we offer quality shower chairs for elderly at a meager cost, here, you will find these shower chairs for seniors in many styles, sizes and designs to exceed your expectations. 

Have a Little Fun in The Shower with a Shower Chair For Elderly

Can't get in and out of a tub or shower? Does your back make it painful to bathe? You may be able to enjoy bath time again. The right shower chair for bathtub could allow you to enjoy your favorite pastime while preventing any unnecessary injuries. A shower chair for elderly can be an essential part of your home routine, but knowing which one is suitable for you can make all the difference. There are hundreds of different styles with varying capabilities, so it's essential to research before buying one. At SPN Mobility, we help you choose the right one to accomplish your needs. In our product gallery, you will find a variety of shower chairs for handicapped at a reasonable cost. Every handicap shower chair is manufactured under the high supervision of our professional team of experts. 

Shower Chairs for Elderly

Reduce Any Mobility Challenges with a Shower Chair for Elderly

To prevent loss of independence, rolling shower chairs can help you continue to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Before purchasing a shower chair, it's important to identify your needs and preferences. For example, do you need your shower chair to fit over your existing bathtub, or would a shower chair with its own tub work better? Are you looking for a portable or non-portable model? We are here to answer these questions to make it easier for you to find exactly what you're looking for in your new handicap shower chair. We take pride in assisting our customers before offering any mobility equipment so that they can easily reach their needs. 

Make Easy Your Whole Process of Using Bathroom 

If you're in the golden age or have mobility issues, it can be difficult to get in and out of a bathtub. You may find that showering is more comfortable and manageable, especially if you need help with bathing. But shower chairs for elderly are excellent options even if you don't need assistance, as they provide comfort and safety while letting you still enjoy your favorite chores. When you get these chairs from us, you are free to avail full assistance in choosing them. Also, we can design shower chairs for elderly as per your demand, like you can custom these chairs with our help. 



Shower Chairs For Elderly Let You Feel Safe And Secure

A shower chair gives you a place to secure yourself in your shower and not have to worry about slipping or falling. If you're in a wheelchair or walker, your seat must be secured appropriately to relax and feel safe while using it. When looking at different shower chairs, make sure they can hold up to 300 pounds and are sturdy enough that there is no fear of tipping over. Additionally, some chairs also come with a headrest which will help keep water from running into your eyes while washing your hair. This feature alone makes having a shower chair worth it because nobody wants shampoo in their eyes!

Welcome to SPN Mobility. Here you will find the top-rated mobility equipment for your bathroom needs. Our rolling shower chairs provide all the necessary features of a bath chair, including a convenient armrest, with comfortable padding and an arm grip rest that is easily removable. We recommend our deluxe option for individuals with more physical disabilities, including difficulty standing and developing smaller muscles. Also included in our rolling shower chairs is a built-in headrest, which provides support when sitting down or standing up.

Shower Chairs For Elderly Are Inexpensive and Easy To Install

Who says that you need to spend a fortune on medical equipment? A shower chair is usually made of plastic, making it light and easy to install. That's excellent news, especially if you don't have someone to help you. The fact that shower chairs for seniors are inexpensive also means that you won't need to get a bank loan to pay for them. Installation should be even easier if your shower already has grab bars on its walls. You can place your chair right over those grab bars and use them while sitting down. This will protect your back, knees, and joints and allow you not to worry about falling while bathing or washing yourself up after using the toilet. You can enjoy every aspect by having our shower chairs for elderly without paying extra charges.

shower chairs for seniors

Rolling Shower Chairs Great For Kids Too

If you have a disability and need a rolling shower chair, you may think it's only valid for elderly people. However, that isn't true! Mobility-impaired children will also benefit from one of these chairs. In fact, they may be essential in helping your child shower every day if he or she has special needs. With one of our shower chairs, your child will be able to get into and out of the bathtub with ease.

Do It As Soon As Possible

At SPN Mobility, we design and sell a wide range of high-quality shower chairs for elderly. Our products are perfect solutions for mobility repair and transportation problems. At affordable prices, you can easily buy a shower chair for elderly that best fits your needs and lifestyle. Just scroll down to see our extensive selection of authentic shower chairs for seniors.
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