Handicap Shower Chair

Prevent Dangerous Slips and Falls in the Bathroom with Handicap Shower Chairs

Disabled individuals often struggle with mobility issues. These issues include difficulty going to the bathroom, using the toilet, and taking a shower alone. Wet and slippery floors always pose a risk to disabled people, as they could lose their balance and fall. 

We at SPN Companies, being a trustworthy and dependable supplier of home modifications, offer an effective solution to mobility difficulties in the bathroom in the form of our Disability Shower Chairs. These chairs facilitate the task of taking a shower or using the toilet and eliminate the need of another person’s assistance. 

handicamp shower chair

All About Handicap Shower Chair

A handicap shower chair is a waterproof chair that disabled people can use while taking a shower. The chair ensures the safety of disabled individuals in the bathroom, minimizing the risk of slips, falls and other injuries. 

This chair comes with excellent features which make it super easy for anyone to use. 

 Handicap Shower Chair

Customized Installation Options

SPN Mobility offers you the option to customize your shower chair so that it fits the design and layout of your bathroom. We take your personal tastes very seriously, and we are happy to personalize the chair to your liking. 

More Great Features of Shower Chairs

Let's discuss the best features of these chairs.

This chair is super comfortable. The armrests and the back support allow you to relax when sitting on this chair. 

This chair has excellent weight capacity and is designed to accommodate people of all sizes. 

Finally, this chair provides you with the ability to adjust the chair's height according to your need. As everyone has different mobility needs, choosing a chair with adjustable height is wise.

Installing this chair will give disabled individuals the confidence to visit the bathroom on their own and the privacy that comes with eliminating the need of outside assistance. 

handicamp shower chair

A Quick Wrap Up!

You can rely on SPN Mobility to install a great variety of effective bathroom modifications such as shower chairs. We have a comprehensive range of shower chairs, and you can choose the ones that suit you the best. We can’t wait to do business with you and provide you with the services you need! 

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