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Turn Your Home Into a Safe Place for the Elderly With Exterior Residential Lifts

Spending time in your golden years should be memorable and enjoyable. Elders shouldn’t let their poor mobility create enormous risks for their safety while restricting their movements. You should help make their lives as simple and safe as possible. For senior security, outdoor residential lifts work wonders. With them in your home, those with mobility issues can enjoy life peacefully. These lifts are specifically designed to accommodate people of all ages without letting them down. When it comes to buying these outdoor residential lifts for your home, SPN  Mobility will walk you through the process while giving you a deal you cannot beat. Here, we will discuss an array of lifts that will fit nicely into your home.

What is the Difference Between Mobility and Accessibility?

In spite of their similar definitions and interchangeability at times, accessibility and mobility are distinct concepts. When seniors age, it's essential to take both into account. For some people, it can be difficult accessing a place like their home from the outside using entrances such as a staircase, or living in a condominium on the top floor.

As long as you have access to your home, you can climb the stairs, carry heavy loads across floors, and even get up and down from a seated position with handicap lifts for your home. 

With our exterior residential lifts, you can remain mobile and independent while accessing hard to reach areas around your home.

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Types of Outdoor Residential Lifts

We deliver many types of handicap stair lifts in the market. But here, we will discuss 3 kinds that help you better understand which one is suitable for you.

Straight Exterior Residential Stairlifts

First and foremost, your choice should be these lifts if you have a straight staircase in your home. These lifts are versatile in nature and can double the accessibility level for seniors with low movement. Not only this, these stairlifts have an built-in remote control system that ensures convenience to them while moving from floor to floor. Pressing the button can lift you up and down the staircase with ease.

Curved Outdoor Residential Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are a great choice for your home if you have curved stairs and mobility problems. They are durable and cost-effective, lasting for many years. Curved stairlifts offer a great alternative to traditional stairlifts if you have curvy staircases in your home. It is easy to extract the rider since it is open to the air. For those who ride lifts every day, the safety measures we take while installing can be very reassuring. These lifts are quiet and don't create a noisy environment. When it comes to purchasing a lift, SPN Mobility is ready to host you with a huge array of design and size options. Our products are custom designed to suit every home.

Perks of Installing Exterior Residential Lifts

Here are 4 reasons why you should install a lift in your home:

  • Develop an Easy Peasy Way to Move
  • You can install outdoor residential lifts for convenient access for residents and guests with mobility restrictions. They can move quickly and independently in your home without someone’s assistance. Access to the home is smooth and safe with these exterior residential lifts. A stairlift makes it easy to get in and out of your home without lifting yourself up, or descending. Relying on friends and family members for help is no longer necessary when you're living with a disability or old age. The installation of this device can be completed in three days by an electrician from SPN Mobility while preserving the integrity of your staircase.

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  • Low Stress for Caregivers
  • Having a handicap stairlift in your home improves the wellness, independence, and comfort of its users. Using stairlifts for the elderly can make it easier and safer for people with mobility issues to ascend and descend stairs. With the help of a stair lift, many people who have difficulty climbing stairs can remain independent and safe in their homes without needing assistance from caregivers. 

  • Saving Time For Seniors
  • While your senior citizen is safe going up and down the stairs, they can also save time by installing handicap lifts for the home. They will not need assistance. They will have access to the stair lift whenever they arrive or depart to swiftly and quickly switch levels of their home. They are also able to commute independently from home in a convenient, comfortable, and safe way. 

  • Remotely controllable
  • With home handicap lifts, you can travel up and down the stairs safely and independently while using our cutting-edge technology. Additionally, your stairlift can be customized based on your weight, height, and the use of handrails. You can enjoy a relaxing and safe ride to any level of your home with just the push of a button. With a stairlift installed, you will be able to access your home much easier.

    Wrap Up!

    Buy these exterior residential lifts for your home to make life more independent. In our vicinity, you will find a huge range of outdoor residential lifts that are user-friendly with the push of a button. Also, you can custom design them according to your choice under the supervision of our talented team that’s ready to exceed your expectations. Further, our working goal is to prioritize customer satisfaction in everything we do. So, it's time to purchase a handicap lift for your home to make it accessible for everyone.

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