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Why are Vertical Platform Lifts useful for the Disabled?

When it comes to those who are disabled or wheelchair users, how are they expected to climb stairs while in a chair? Thankfully you don't have to worry because SPN Mobility has the best and most effective solution for you. We offer durable Vertical Platform Lifts for people who cannot leave their wheelchairs because of low mobility.

With the help of these lifts, you don't need to worry about leaving your chair. This lift will easily accommodate the weight of the wheelchair plus the person sitting on it. Let's explore why you should invest in a vertical platform lift.

A Short Overview Of Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are a great source of entry to any building, making it easy and smooth. Wheelchair users are able to go up and down while using the lift. Unlike lifts that require staff operation, these lifts come with easy-to-use controls inside them so anyone can use them effortlessly. 

This lift is designed specifically to help wheelchair users from getting from one level to another. This lift allows the user to roll themselves on before ascending and descending quickly. Moreover, it also eliminates the need for any other person to assist. 

Application of Vertical Platform Lifts

The purpose of wheelchair lifts is to transport disabled people and their wheelchairs straight up over any vertical barrier. It moves between floors vertically. All you have to do is steer your wheelchair onto the platform, close it, push a button, and it will start moving onto the next level. Once you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is open the door and exit. So, the whole process is very easy to learn because of our user-friendly control panels and machine design. 

At SPN Mobility, we specialize in providing you with standard wheelchair porch lifts and customized models to meet the customers' specific needs and application requirements. 

Vertical Platform Lifts

For instance, if you want to install the lift outside your home, there is always a safety enclosure of your choice that provides maximum protection to the user from the edge. The best thing is that you can design the opening side of the lift according to your needs. 

We have a team of expert designers who suggest the best designs for installing platform lifts. We also can make modifications to your home so that the lift blends right in. 

Benefits of Platform Lifts

  • Safe and Secure
  • We all are concerned with disabled individuals' safety. Therefore, Platform Lifts provide a safe and convenient way to access your home. It gives a safe ride to those who are disabled while moving upward or downward. People who are ageing can also use these lifts for safe and easy access into their homes.

  • Custom-Made Lifts
  • The requirements of every person are different. We offer custom-made lifts to meet their needs. These lifts are available in enclosed and unenclosed designs, so you can choose the appropriate one for your space. 

  • Slip-Resistant Floor
  • We make these lifts with high-quality materials, making the floor slip-resistant for wheelchair users. They can quickly enter and leave the lift without worrying about their safety. No matter the weather condition, it gives a safe entry to the user.

    Wheelchair users
  • Durable and Strong
  • As mentioned above, we use the best material to manufacture our lifts making them durable and long lasting. These lifts are strong enough to bear the weight of any person while sitting in their wheelchair. No matter how harsh the weather is, it will not affect the functionality of our vertical platform lifts. 

  • Great for Outdoors
  • Our vertical platform lifts can be installed outdoors for a smooth and easy entrance to your home. They will continue functioning for years without any maintenance or updates.

  • Affordable
  • These lifts are super affordable, but this does not mean that we compromise the quality of them. You will get high-quality platform lifts at a very reasonable price so that you can enjoy the freedom you deserve.

  • Perfect Accessibility Equipment
  • Vertical lifts are a piece of accessibility equipment that disabled individuals can use. Having these lifts in your home will increase the value of your home as it looks like a part of your home and makes it accessible for older adults. 

    One thing you should make sure of is purchasing them from a well-established company. SPN Mobility ensures experienced designers and installers to guide you through the process of purchasing a vertical platform lift.

    If you want to allow disabled adults to move outside the home, you should consider a vertical platform lift. This way, they can move around quickly and boost their self-confidence. The best thing is that it will look like a part of your home and enhance the overall appearance and value of your building. 

    Concluding Remarks!

    To summarise the discussion, we can safely say that if you want a vertical platform lift in your home you’ll be making a one time investment if you choose SPN Mobility. We offer a range of lifts available with various options in styles and designs. In addition, if you want to make a personalized lift for your loved ones, our designers are here to help. You can discuss the details with them, and they will suggest the best option. This way, it will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while making it accessible. Our collection is available at a very reasonable price so that the disabled can live their lives in peace.

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