Easily Enter Your Home With a Vertical Platform Lift

The Vertical Platform Lift is an elevator designed to use for people with low mobility. This device can be installed in one's apartment or home and allows the user to move vertically by simply stepping on the platform and dragging their hands towards the front of the device to lift themselves in a vertical position.

Imagine being able to enter your own home without having to bend down and reach to open the door. With a vertical platform lift, you can quickly get to your front door even if you use a wheelchair or other mobility device. Elevate your home with the Harmer residential platform lift. This product is a lightweight, durable and easy-to-use platform lift with various applications.  

Made With Quality and Sturdy Materials

Vertical platform lifts are constructed from impact-resistant materials, such as wrought iron and plastic, enabling them to carry more than 400 lbs. Our company is a leading supplier of wheelchair porch lifts, so we can help you get these independence-ensuring products at reasonable prices. 

This vertical platform lift comprises a drive mast, a passenger platform, doors, and gates. At the uppermost landing, the hoistway can be protected by a gate and only 42" high walls.

Reliable For Low-Mobility Persons

In your golden years, you require more assistance and care. But you also deserve something special that makes your life more enjoyable and convenient. You can get it all back to life when you add Harmar lifts to your home. You can conveniently enter your home while using a wheelchair by clicking one button. 

Assure of Safety and Convenience

With these vertical platform lifts, you are in safe hands. The buttons and armrests can make the experience more comfortable. You will safely reach your destination by placing your wheelchair in the vertical platform lift, fastening your seatbelt, and pressing the button. Our vertical platform lifts are of the highest quality and last for years to come.

Crucial Features:

  • Bear more than 400 lbs

  • Versatile/universal design

  • Up to 14″ of lifting height

  • Designed to withstand all weather conditions

  • An automatic folding ramp

  • Platform with constant pressure controls and emergency stop switches

  • Platform walls that are 42 inches high and solid

  • Safety panel beneath the bottom platform

Opt For Reliable and Affordable Vertical Platform Lifts

SPN's vertical platform lift is unmatched in its quality and ease of use. You can order Harmar VPL in any size or design without paying an additional fee. We provide premium products that are ready to restore your mobility problems while staying long-lasting. Let's get started now, without any delay, and enjoy what you want!

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